Jonny Simpson

25 to life

Another momentous occasion

Turning a quater century was something that I spent a large part of my life believing would never happen. To my delight I was wrong!!

The last couple of years have flown by so fast I feel as if I have not had a moment to take it all in.

In the summer of 2011 I was nominated to take part in the olympic torch relay and passed the first two selection rounds but unfortunately I was not picked in the last phase.

Although dissapointed I will not be taking part I feel honoured to have even been nominated and to get to the last round felt like a great acheivement in itself.
I believe nothing is guaranteed in life, believing in this opens up my mind to endless possibilities.

I also returned to Haydon Bridge Highschool for ‘National School Sports Week’ and had the pleasure of sharing my story with pupils of the school.
The first part of the day was spent in the classroom, I showed the documentary and clips of my last competition trying to make the lesson inspiring but also about the sport of bodybuilding.
The afternoon was filled with PE practical with a very keen bunch of students and we basically went over the basics on how to lift weights.

(Haydon Bridge won the award in 2009 for ‘Best National School sports week and the award was presented by olympic gold medalists Jonathan Edwards and Denise Louise)
Again it was a great honour to be invited to such an event.

Turning 25 definetely put alot of things in perspective and has made me somewhat nostalgic as of late.
I am all for ceasing opportunity and setting great goals for myself but at the same time came to realise that having my health, youth, mentality and amazing friends and family is all I can truly ask for and the rest is a bonus.

I plan to compete this year but undecided on which event just yet, I am looking forward to unvealing vast improvements on my physique; especially my legs.
Also due to popular demand I will be running a video blog of my training and dieting experiences in the build up to the competition and finishing with my performance on the day.
There are updates to come very soon to the website.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support- All 4751 of you!

I will never stop living and dreaming. The only way is up.

Take Care



Key Fact

#4 Around half of the CF population can expect to live over 38 years, although improvements in treatments mean a baby born today can expect to live for even longer.