Jonny Simpson

Dig Deep

A moment of doubt, A life time of clarity

There comes a time in life when we reach adulthood and become alot more efficient with our time, thoughts and who we share our lives with.
I think a big part of this is because the older we get the quicker times goes. This teaches us appreciation of life and all things precious.

After time most of us realise what we want from life and wish to avoid things that we simply do not need. Negativity is a waste of life and anybody who brings more negative than positive aspects into your life is NOT worth wasting precious time over.

I am not the most knowledgable man in the world. In fact I am far from it but at the same time I have been through enough to know what I want from life.
That is to live my life, chase my dreams peacefully and surround myself with like-minded people but as time goes on this seems to be somewhat of a challenge.

Some of the people from my past do not understand why I do the the things I do and this just proves people change and can drift apart. This is just a fact of life.

Unfortunately half of the like-minded people I know I can never meet due to the fact of cross infection but it is what it is.
I came up with this little excerpt to try an explain WHY Cfers get along so well without meeting-
“There was 2 war veterans who had both fought in the same war.

These soldiers never got to meet.

These Soldiers held the same ideals, witnessed the exact same struggles and fought for the same cause.

These soldiers never wanted sympathy….all they sought was empathy. (big difference)

Try and tell me these 2 people have nothing in common and could never truly understand or know the other person without physically meeting?

Well it works the same with CF to those of you who do not get it.”

Every aspect of my life has changed so dramatically so it would be impossible to not be affected by all the changes. Every change has been for the better in my life and this in turn has built strength in my character.

Not everybody can appreciate or respect this. Before you think I am bitching about the situation please read on…
I have been approached by total strangers and told that a number of people in my hometown THINK I am a fake. This makes me laugh.

‘‘They say that most things we see are based on opinion not fact,
looking from the outside in can be perspective and not neccessarily the truth,
The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinions,
Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance” ~ Ja Rule.

The chips have been down as of late, which caught me off guard as in the previous few months things had never been better but such is life. We experience the bad to appreciate the good.

I am a firm believer that it takes more of a man to admit a weakness than it does to pretend you are forever strong and never hurt by anything. Male pride can mar this.

With temporarily clouded judgement some negative people in my life actually had me doubting myself for a short period and questioning if I was doing the right thing with my life.

Now the dust has settled it has never been more clear that I am on the right path regardless of who is with me and who is not.
Do not confuse confidence with arrogance but my methods have saved lives over the past few years, not just my own.
A few doubters do not overshadow 8000 people who see what I do in a positive light.

I have witnessed my struggles, onlookers who do not delve into my story have not.
I even had a journalist tell me that my story was simply old news and that their office did not write about me as they simply found bodybuilding weird regardless of my back story.

National newspapers continue to support my campaign so I will not be put off by one newspaper. This was just another perfect lesson that not everybody will understand ou no matter what you do in life but as long as you understand WHY you stand for the things you do then that is all that matters.

This may sound repetitive but I will continue on this path until the message myself and others in my situation are trying to change and I am happy to say I am have met some kindred spirits and together we have some big plans for the world of CF.

My plans are to return to the US in january to start a huge campaign with some good friends of mine which is all I can say for now. The ball is already rolling.

Watch this space and remember…..Dig deep when feeling weak as we all have the power to make a change and all have the spirit to fight on. Just believe and it can happen.

I am not continuing to justify what I do, I am continuing to express my passion for life.

Take Care

Mr Elite



Key Fact

#3 Each week five babies are born with Cystic Fibrosis and three young people die – 90% from lung damage.